Renovation Trends To Be Aware Of In 2021

There was a major shift in the daily operations throughout the globe. After all, the pandemic hit and everything seemingly got shut down. With everyone having to stay at home, many homeowners grew tired of their old habitats and looked to make changes to their living quarters and space. Because of this, we went ahead and reached out to those working in the landscape, decorating, and home improvement space to see what some of the new trends are expected to be for 2021.

1. Breathing New Life Into Rooms

There have been a lot more homeowners looking to make alterations and improvements to their recreational and entertainment rooms. This has begun to become more prevalent than changes to family rooms which were originally leading the trend since the beginning of the pandemic. The shift in the way of living in the past year has taught many homeowners different ways they can go about maximising the space that we are spending the majority of our time in.

2. Building Better Work At Home Workstations

With so many different companies looking to expand their work from home opportunities, it’s more important than ever to have a proper workspace in your home. There are going to be a lot more workers taking on remote positions and there will be an increased demand for this type of renovation to match. This could be transforming a bedroom into an office or specifically having home office structures built. Regardless, there are going to be a lot of renovations in this space. Triple glazed windows are key for letting in the outside without hearing the outside.

3. Multigenerational Homes

One of the trends that are picking up a lot of steam is creating homes that are used for multiple generations at a time. These are homes that are effective two separate homes that exist under the same roof. This is not only becoming a trend so families can stick together, but also so homeowners can effectively monetise the extra space and get more out of their living arrangement.

4. Incorporating Greener Solutions

There is expected to be a major push for green initiatives with the election of Joe Biden. Joe Biden is going to get into gear in 2021 and they are expected to bring a lot of green initiatives to push the country into a much more Eco-friendly space. There will be more incentives for homeowners to invest in renewable energy sources and even perform insulation upgrades that can reduce energy consumption.

5. Extending Indoors To Outdoors

There is another major trend that is expected to continue which is to extend comfortable indoor living quarters to the outdoors. This isn’t expected to be limited to homes in warmer climates either. There is a push to design home extensions so there is a natural and synergistic flow from the indoors to the outdoors. This includes using various features like sliding glass doors, folding doors, and more.

6. Enhancing The Bathroom

How many times do you seek refuge in your bathroom when you have had a hard day? This is a place where a lot of people try to enjoy peace by themselves. There have been experts at Houzz that have shown that a properly equipped bathroom can minimise stress levels. In fact, according to a study conducted in 2020, as many as 2 in 5 homeowners that renovated their master bathroom ended up claiming they relied on their new space for better relaxation.

7. Larger Tiles

Because more and more homeowners are spending more time indoors, they are looking to make significant upgrades to their home that can enhance the perceived space it offers. It’s known that larger tiles can help to make a smaller space look larger than it is. Another good thing about this means you have fewer grout lines to worry about.

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